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Plans & Passes


OPEX Experience "4 WEEK TRIAL" $199.99 • Unlimited visits for 4 weeks • “Our goal is for you to Experience OPEX and Personalized fitness unique to you. We want to allow you to try the service in a no pressure, no commitment environment. To start the process, we perform 3 personal training sessions which include; a consultation and our assessment that is called OPEX BMW (Body, Move and Work). Over the 4 weeks, we will perform your OPEX BMW assessment, design a personalized training program for you that you will perform on-site with a great community and a coach on the floor. At the end of the 4 weeks, we will have a monthly consultation, as we do with all of our clients. Our goal is to fully enable you to take control of your health and fitness decision, so use this time to learn and grow.

OPEX [REMOTE - Coaching] $199 every month • 1 visit per Month •


Individually Designed Fitness from La Caja / BXBC Coach is the best way to meet your fitness goals from a distance! In this program our focus is to provide personalized workouts for each client in order to improve your strength, cardiovascular health, agility, and endurance. Whether you want to get off that fitness plateau and lose that extra weight or prepare for a sporting event, we have something great to offer everyone.

Manhattan College Students Go Jaspers! iD $199.99 every month • Unlimited visits • Individually Designed Fitness program is for the person who wants the truest individualized journey. In this, the individual will meet with a coach and go through a consultation for their program goals, and possibly nutritional break down. Next you'll go through a movement assessment in which we test evaluate and educate you. The coach will then devise a personal program for you based on your goals and specific needs. You will receive your program and perform the prescribed workouts with the guidance and support from our team of professional Coaches. iD members have full access to our facility and are not limited to class times.