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OPEX Experience "4 WEEK TRIAL"

“Our goal is for you to Experience OPEX and Personalized fitness unique to you. We want to allow you to try the service in a no pressure, no commitment environment. All OPEX programs are designed specifically for you by your coach. To start the process, we perform 3 personal training sessions which include; a consultation and our assessment that is called OPEX BMW (Body, Move and Work). The first session, Body, is where we gain insights into your body composition and discuss your goals, fitness history, current lifestyle and nutritional habits. The second session, Move, is where we perform a comprehensive movement screen to gain insight into your movement patterns and how we will shape your program based on your strengths and to improve your weaknesses. The last session, Work, is where we perform work capacity testing based on you and your goals to create a baseline on where you are today. Over the 4 weeks, we will perform your OPEX BMW assessment, design a personalized training program for you that you will perform on-site with a great community and a coach on the floor. At the end of the 4 weeks, we will have a monthly consultation, as we do with all of our clients, Monthly consultations are a great opportunity to review your training, talk nourishment, discuss goals and an opportunity for you to ask questions. This is also a great time to learn and fully understand the why behind your coaches tips and program design. Our goal is to fully enable you to take control of your health and fitness decision, so use this time to learn and grow.

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