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Terms and conditions for CrossFit Unlimited

This option is NOT a contract. Grants you unlimited access to CrossFit group classes for 1 month. Members are responsible for payments regardless of attendance. This option will auto-renew until CrossFit LaCaja is notified to cancel.

30-Day Cancellation Policy: Before cancellation a 30-day written (email) notice is required to cancel or terminate any and all memberships. Cancellation is based upon the billing date and will not be prorated. Late notices will result in continued billing until cancellation terms are met.

No Refunds: Once a member registers and pays for this membership tier, there are no refunds under any circumstances.

Automatic Renewal: Membership is automatically renewed month-to-month under the initial terms of your membership until membership cancellation is requested unless the member receives formal notification that Bronx Barbell Club will raise the dues. If this happens, the member can elect to cancel with a month notice.